Arbiters and Support 2014

Saša Jevtić
International Arbiter, Chief Arbiter

Nebojša Baralić
International Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (A)

Boban Milojević
International Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (A)

Nataša Savić
International Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (B)

Nebojša Radosavljević
FIDE Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (B)

Tanja Stojković
National Arbiter, Arbiter

Dejan Miletić
Club Arbiter, Arbiter


Radoje Marinković
Festival Director



Nebojša Baralić
Webmaster and Broadcasting

Boban Milojević
Games editing and press

Nebojša Radosavljević
Photo and video

Marko Vlajković
IT Support


 Latest news

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/June 17, 2014/
GM Richard Rapport (HUN, 2701) has confirmed his participation in Paracin. more>>>
/May 07, 2014/
Current starting list is published and will be updated daily: Open A - Open B
/January 29, 2014/
We are very glad to inform you about new opportunity for chess players and chess lovers called "Serbian Chess Tour 2014". link >>>
/January 07, 2014/
Published official regulations of the 7th International Chess Festival "Sport Summer 2014". invitation >>>
/July 12, 2013/
Winner 2013 is GM Mikhail Ulibin (RUS). link >>>
/July 12, 2013/
More about Festival on youtube: link >>>
/July 12, 2013/
Closing ceremony 2012 on youtube: link >>>

 Serbian Chess Tour 2014
 Paracin in the heart of Serbia
 Organizers, Patron and Sponsors

Pionir AD Paraćin
Beosing Beograd
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