About Paracin

Paracin was mentioned for the first time in the charters from 14th century. In the classical period at the place of the present town was the station Sarmates on the military road (VIA MILITARIS). Paracin is the town on the Crnica river, from ancient times at the crossroads of important ways an which trade caravans were peacfully passing by, bringing the spirit of the big centers (Vienna, Pest, Constantinopole) and in tumultuors times here numerous armies and conquers marched (Romans, Celts, Avars, Crusaders, Turks, Germans, ...) leaving blood and ash behind.

During the second half of 19th century Paracin becomes the industrial centre by establishing the Factory of woolens by Minhs brothers (later Teokarevics), the glass and the factory of cement.

Today Paracin is a modern business centre to which a large area outside the territory of Paracin`s commune gravitates (Boljevac, Razanj, Cicevac, Varvarin).

Thirty thousand inhabitants live in Paracin, while the whole commune together with 34 villages counts about seventy thousand inhabitants.
The whole area of the commune is 542 square kilometers and it extends from the slops of Kucaj mountains in the east, including the fertile valley of the Morava river to Juhor mountain in the west.

Paracin is located near highway 156 km southern than Belgrade and 80 km northwards than Nis.
On this relatively small territory there is a big diversity what gives the opportunity for various economic activities.

The inhabitants of Paracin, traditionally full of enterprising spirit, ready to accept all positive trends, are trying to use comparative advantages wishing to make theirs and everybody else's lives better.

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